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Pennsylvania Politicians Attend Lavish Fossil Fuel, Anti-Union Party in Manhattan

Every year in early December, Pennsylvania elites travel to New York City for a weekend to mingle, prepare for the upcoming political season, and most importantly, party in Manhattan’s swankiest spots. Despite the at times vicious disputes over issues critical to families in the state, Pennsylvania’s most influential elected officials come together in midtown Manhattan every year to prioritize the one constituency group that they all share: their corporate donors. 

Healthcare Giants Dominate Lobbying in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, healthcare profiteers top the list of the most aggressive spenders on lobbying in the state. In 2022, nearly $30 million was spent on direct healthcare lobbying, about $11 million was spent on Medicare and Medicaid, and over $13 million was spent on insurance lobbying. Together, that’s more than the total lobbying spending on energy, the state budget, and education combined.