Bush II Administration Officials
High-level officials in the George W Bush administration
People on this list have received money from the following people and organizations.

Common Donors

Donor Total People
Legacy $0 Mel Martinez
Johanns Victory 2008 Committee $0 Michael O Johanns
Johanns for Senate Incorporated $0 Michael O Johanns
Dirk Kempthorne for Senate $0 Dirk Kempthorne
Porter Goss Re-Election Team $0 Porter J Goss
Tommy Thompson for President (Tommy 2008) $0 Tommy G Thompson
Abraham Senate 2000 $0 Spencer Abraham
Roast of Governor Engler Committee $0 Spencer Abraham
Ashcroft 2000 $0 John Ashcroft
Ashcroft Victory Committee $0 John Ashcroft
Portman for Congress Committee $0 Rob Portman
Bush-Cheney '04 Compliance Committee Inc. $0 George W Bush
Bush for President Inc. $0 George W Bush
Martinez for Senate $0 Mel Martinez
1999 State Victory Fund Committee $0 George W Bush
Bush-Cheney '04 (Primary) Inc $0 George W Bush
Friends of Martinez $0 Mel Martinez
Whitman for US Senate $0 Christine Todd Whitman
Bush-Cheney 2000 Compliance Committee Inc. $0 George W Bush
Portman for Senate Committee $0 Rob Portman