tRumPence swamp cabinet
Past, present, acting cabinet-level members
People on this list have received money from the following people and organizations.

Common Donors

Donor Total People
Ken Matherne $0 Donald Trump
Road to the Senate Majority Committee $0 Jeff Sessions
James Mahoney $0 Rick Perry
Price for Congress $0 Tom Price
Elliott Broidy $0 Donald Trump
Friends of Sessions Senate Committee Inc $0 Jeff Sessions
Sessions Victory Committee $0 Jeff Sessions
Club for Growth PAC $0 Nikki Haley
Linda McMahon $92,472,264 Linda McMahon
Donald Trump $20,788,554 Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump, Mick Mulvaney, Linda McMahon
Pompeo for Congress, Inc. $2,520,000 Mike Pompeo
Thomas A Saunders III $50,000 Donald Trump
Donna Stephenson $32,800 Tom Price, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump
John Peck $27,550 Ben Carson, Donald Trump
Dan Coats $27,300 Jeff Sessions, Dan Coats
Annie Koch $25,800 Dan Coats, Mike Pompeo
Parker H Petit $24,300 Tom Price, Dan Coats, Donald Trump
Holloway Frost $24,300 Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Ryan Zinke
Kathaleen Wall $24,300 Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Ryan Zinke
John Catsimatidis $23,766 Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Ryan Zinke