Research Groups

Research groups allow LittleSis analysts to work together on research projects. If you want to create a group to help you organize a project on LittleSis, please submit a request.
Name Analysts Description
The Bubble Barons 359 An investigation, in partnership with AlterNet, of American billionaires who saw astronomic gains in wealth during the housing bubble.
One Percent Watch 84 For research on the 1% in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street
Pittsburgh Power Mapping 47 Revealing networks of money and power in Pittsburgh, PA
Social Security Looters 38 An investigation into networks of money and influence behind recent efforts to gut Social Security
Take Back Chicago 37 Mapping the corporate and political power structure in Chicago
Huffington Post Investigative 33 The Health Care Investigative Unit is tracking down and profiling ex-Congressional staffers who are now healthcare lobbyists.
Power Behind the Police 31 Tracking the St. Louis region's oligarchs and their power networks
Super PAC Sleuth 29 Exposing the operatives behind the outside groups that spent hundreds of millions of dollars to influence the midterm elections.
Shadow Gov: Defense & Intelligence 28 Focused on corporations working in the shadows of US defense and intelligence agencies
Cuomo Watch 26 A group of New York State residents and allies keeping a watchful eye on the Cuomo administration.
Who rules Buffalo? 25 Investigating networks of power and influence in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding metropolitan area.
Fracker Watch 22 profiling the powers that be in the world of fracking
Investigate Philly Power 21
Goldman Sachs Investigation 20 This group is putting together a list detailing the key players at Goldman Sachs and their ties to Washington.
The Art World 20 For research on powerful people and institutions in the art world.
Shadow Gov: Education 20 Focused on corporations working in the shadows of state and federal education departments
Prison Watch 20 Connecting the dots between carceral conglomerates and the power elite in the prison-industrial complex.
Who rules the Chamber? 19 LittleSis analysts working to identify the most influential individuals and organizations at the country's most prominent corporate lobby: the US Chamber of Commerce.
Who's Behind the Bay Area's Most Powerful Companies? 19 A collaboration with Spot.Us to investigate elite social networks surrounding the biggest corporations in the SF Bay Area.
Tracking Philadelphia Energy Solutions 16 Tracking and uncovering the reach of the Carlyle Group