Semiconductor and Microchip manufacturer
People Have Given To
People with positions in Intel Corporation have made donations to
Heather Wilson $26,600 Craig R Barrett, Paul S Otellini, David S Pottruck
Orrin Hatch $26,500 Sean M Maloney, Andrew S. Grove, John Doerr, Peter Detkin, Arvind Sodhani, Craig R Barrett, Paul S Otellini, Patricia Murray
Verizon Communication Inc. Good Govt Club $25,000 James G Cullen
Patty Murray $24,800 John Doerr, Andrew S. Grove, Peter Detkin, Paul Misener
Dow Chemical Company Employees PAC (Dowpac), the $24,544 Paula Tolliver
Kamala Harris $21,600 Susan Wojcicki, Aneel Bhusri
Chris Dodd $21,200 John Doerr, Les Vadasz, David S Pottruck, Andrew S. Grove, John L Thornton
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $21,200 Craig R Barrett, Paul S Otellini
George W Bush $21,100 Carol A Bartz, Paul Misener, Craig R Barrett, Michael C Maibach, Frank D Yeary, Arthur Rock, Mark A Stevens
Tom Campbell $20,200 David S Pottruck, Andrew S. Grove, Paul S Otellini, Carol A Bartz, John Doerr, Les Vadasz, Arthur Rock, Craig R Barrett
Wish List, the $20,000 Carol A Bartz
Republican Mainstreet Partnership PAC $20,000 Arthur Rock
Prostate Cancer Research Political Action Committee (Cap PAC) $20,000 Andrew S. Grove, Arthur Rock
Planned Parenthood Action Fund Inc. PAC $20,000 Andrew S. Grove
Green Mountain PAC $20,000 Peter Detkin
Angela Cobian $20,000 Arthur Rock
Chris Van Hollen $19,850 Reed E Hundt
Gordon Harold Smith $19,300 Patrick P Gelsinger, Craig R Barrett, Andy D Bryant, Andrew S. Grove, Paul S Otellini, William M Holt
Kirsten Gillibrand $19,100 John J Donahoe, Bruce Sewell, Andrew S. Grove, Greg Slater, John Doerr
Al Gore $19,005 James G Cullen, John Doerr, Reed E Hundt, Charlene Barshefsky