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People Have Given To
People with positions in Michael J Fox Foundation have made donations to
Harry Reid $18,100 Kathleen Kennedy, Curtis Schenker, Barry J Cohen
Ohio Democratic Party $17,520 Eva Andersson-Dubin, Kathleen Kennedy
Ken Salazar $16,666 Kathleen Kennedy, Curtis Schenker
Mark Warner $16,000 David Einhorn, David B Golub
Democratic Party of Wisconsin $15,516 Eva Andersson-Dubin, Kathleen Kennedy
Josh Mandel $15,500 Curtis Schenker, Barry J Cohen, Carolyn Schenker
Ron Wyden $15,200 Marc S Lipschultz, Kathleen Kennedy, Curtis Schenker, Lee Fixel, Edwin A Levy
Supporting Conservatives of Today and Tomorrow (Scott PAC) $15,000 Karen Finerman
Democrats for Education Reform $15,000 David Einhorn
Guts PAC $15,000 David Einhorn
Common Sense Colorado $15,000 David Einhorn
Rudy Giuliani $14,950 Marc S Lipschultz, David B Golub, Mark L Hart III, Edwin A Levy
Democratic Party of Virginia $14,915 Eva Andersson-Dubin, David Einhorn, Kathleen Kennedy
Colorado Democratic Party $14,681 Eva Andersson-Dubin, Kathleen Kennedy
Hill PAC $14,000 Eva Andersson-Dubin, Curtis Schenker
Rahm Emanuel $13,900 David Einhorn, Curtis Schenker, David B Golub
Olympia Jean Snowe $13,600 Marc S Lipschultz, Albert B Glickman
Rhode Island Democratic State Committee $13,532 Eva Andersson-Dubin, Kathleen Kennedy, Karen Finerman
Paul Ryan $12,900 Marc S Lipschultz, Curtis Schenker, Carolyn Schenker
Nevada State Democratic Party $12,052 Eva Andersson-Dubin, Kathleen Kennedy, Curtis Schenker
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