Broadband Communications Company
People Have Given To
People with positions in Charter Communications, Inc. have made donations to
Republican National Committee $80,800 John C Malone, Greg Maffei, Michael Huseby, Neil Smit, Richard R Dykhouse
Mitt Romney $78,800 John C Malone, Greg Maffei, Neil Smit, Rajive Johri, Bruce A Karsh, Richard R Dykhouse
Charter Communications Inc PAC $77,604 Thomas Rutledge, Neil Smit, Paul G Allen, Nathaniel A Davis, Jonathan L Dolgen, Rajive Johri, Christopher L Winfrey
Dcccc Non-Federal Account 5 $75,000 Marc B Nathanson
Dcccc Non-Federal Account 7 $73,000 Marc B Nathanson
Romney Victory $68,300 John C Malone, Neil Smit
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $59,500 Thomas Rutledge, Marc B Nathanson, Jonathan L Dolgen, Bruce A Karsh
National Republican Congressional Committee $53,400 John C Malone, Greg Maffei, Neil Smit
Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee $50,000 Marc B Nathanson
American Crossroads $50,000 Greg Maffei
Dscc Non-Federal Individuals $50,000 Paul G Allen
Hillary Clinton $49,500 Michael Huseby, Thomas Rutledge, Paul G Allen, Marc B Nathanson, Craig A Jacobson, Bruce A Karsh, Jonathan Hargis
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $43,300 Marc B Nathanson, Bruce A Karsh
Colorado Republican Federal Campaign Committee $40,300 John C Malone, Greg Maffei
Carly Fiorina $40,000 Greg Maffei, Bruce A Karsh
Liberty Mediacorporation PAC Aka Liberty Media PAC $37,500 John C Malone, Greg Maffei
Cablevision Systems Corporation Political Action Committee $33,113 Michael Huseby, Thomas Rutledge, Jonathan Hargis
Fiorina Victory Cmte $32,800 Bruce A Karsh
Maine Republican Party $30,000 John C Malone
Barack Obama $29,500 Balan Nair, Marc B Nathanson, Nathaniel A Davis, Lance Conn, Jonathan L Dolgen, Craig A Jacobson, Bruce A Karsh