People Have Given To
People with positions in The Charles Schwab Corporation have made donations to
Lynn C Woolsey $26,100 Lawrence J Stupski
Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball Political Action Committee $26,000 Lawrence J Stupski
Non-Federal Finance Fund $25,000 Charles R Schwab
Americans for Accountability in Leadership $25,000 Charles R Schwab
Kevin McCarthy $22,600 William F Aldinger III, Frank C Herringer, Charles R Schwab
Johnson & Johnson Political Action Committee $22,000 Robert N Wilson
Americans United For Freedom $21,600 Charles R Schwab
Prosperity PAC $21,333 Charles R Schwab, Michael Townsend
Republican Party of Minnesota $20,000 Donald G Fisher
Dcccc Non-Federal Account 7 $20,000 Donald G Fisher
RNC/California '96 Unity Project $20,000 Charles R Schwab
Tom Campbell $18,500 Frank C Herringer, Donald G Fisher, Roger O Walther, Charles R Schwab, David S Pottruck, Lawrence J Stupski
Mike Crapo $18,200 Geoffrey C Gradler, Marjorie Magner, Charles R Schwab
Lincoln Club of Northern California Federal PAC $17,800 Charles R Schwab, Donald G Fisher, Roger O Walther, Condoleezza Rice
DNC Non-Federal Unincorporated Association Account $17,500 Donald G Fisher, Lawrence J Stupski
Rob Portman $17,100 William F Aldinger III, Charles R Schwab, Marjorie Magner
California Republican Party/V8 $16,261 Charles R Schwab, Donald G Fisher
Mark Steven Kirk $15,900 William F Aldinger III, Charles R Schwab
Max Baucus $15,900 Donald G Fisher, Charles R Schwab, William F Aldinger III
Martha McSally $15,900 Charles R Schwab