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Diabetes cost offset European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
Diabetes cost offset Quisper
Start Date 2017-00-00
Notes What is the cost of poor diet? The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, in association with the World Health Organisation (WHO) produced an assessment of the economic costs of unhealthy diets and low physical exercise in 2017. Looking specifically at diabetes attributed to unhealthy diets, the 2020 estimated healthcare costs in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK will be an average of €5,198 (£4,503*) per patient, with approximately 2,870 cases expected per country. The review also stated that the combined healthcare and productivity costs of diabetes attributed to unhealthy diets (predicted for 2020) would be an average of €47,516,749 (£41,159,018) per country. Improved diet would reduce the occurrence of diabetes and the associated cost burden. *Currency conversion carried out on 24th April 2019. Summary Quisper® offers a convenient one-stop shop where data, knowledge, tools and services, are validated and made available through a single interface. Quisper® offers opportunities for collaboration in addition to providing access to numerous tools that will inform and support commercial enterprise, innovation, nutritional health and wellbeing internationally. Although still under development, the platform is being structured to allow for both direct end user access and for development and data sharing by service providers.
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