Joseph P. Campbell has/had a position (Leader AI Systems Group) at MIT Lincoln Laboratories

Title Leader AI Systems Group
Start Date 2001-00-00
Notes Dr. Joseph P. Campbell is the leader of the Artificial Intelligence Technology and Systems Group. His group creates algorithms, technologies, and systems for extracting information from multimedia data in adverse conditions and has a rich heritage of world-leading speech, speaker, and language recognition technologies. Dr. Campbell is passionate about developing human-network AI technologies that extract information automatically from speech, text, image, and video data combined with network communications and activities to help the Department of Defense and law enforcement identify threatening or illicit activity on the surface and dark webs. He specializes in developing and transferring AI technologies for government applications and operationally relevant evaluation. He joined Lincoln Laboratory in 2001 as a senior staff member after teaching at Johns Hopkins University and serving 22 years at the National Security Agency (NSA).
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