Michael E Porter has/had a position (Developer) at Value Based Payment (VPB)

Title Developer
Start Date 2000-00-00
Notes Finally, since the early 2000s, Michael Porter has devoted considerable attention to the economics of health care, with a focus on building the intellectual framework for realigning the delivery of health care to maximize value to patients (patient health outcomes achieved per dollar spent). First in Redefining Health Care (2006, with Elizabeth Teisberg), and then through a series of articles including What is Value in Health Care (2010), The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care (2013, with Thomas Lee), and How to Pay for Health Care (2016, with Robert Kaplan), Dr. Porter has pioneered the core concepts, collectively known as value-based health care delivery, for reorganizing health care delivery organizations around patient value, measuring patient outcomes, understanding the actual cost of care by medical condition, designing value-based reimbursement models, and integrating multi-location health systems, among others. Value-based health care is diffusing rapidly in the literature and among practitioners. Additionally, together with Dr. Jim Kim and Dr. Paul Farmer, Michael Porter has developed a body of thinking and case studies on health care delivery in resource poor settings (2013, “Redefining Global Health Care,” The Lancet).