Discussed ADDRESSING SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH THROUGH MEDICAID Expanding Upstream Interventions with Federal Matching Funds and Social-Impact Investments under the 2016 Medicaid Managed Care Final Rule
Discussed Value Based Payment (VPB)
Start Date 2018-00-00
Notes The Final Rule “allows for value-based purchasing agreements that leverage a combination of outcomes-based payments with Pay for Success financing, so long as the approved value-based purchasing agreement is included in the contracts between the respective state and their managed care providers, ensuring Federal Payment Participation (FPP) at existing levels.”54 So we turn to our third question: do those regulatory changes make social-impact investment financing more attractive to MCOs, especially when it comes to scaling SDOH programs commensurate with unmet population needs? If so, how does the investment model stack up against self-funding that some MCOs can pursue on their own?