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Notes The Immersive Cognition Laboratory The Immersive Cognition (ICON) Laboratory specialises in studying the processes underlying human sensorimotor learning and decision-making. Our research takes advantage of the unique capabilities afforded by immersive technologies (virtual and augmented reality)- technologies that we believe will transform the study of behavioural science over the next decade. Our programme lies at the intersection of psychology, computer science and engineering. We take a multidisciplinary approach towards furthering the scientific understanding of how the systems involved in action execution interact with the neural processes that facilitate reinforcement learning and action selection. We use this fundamental research to help drive forward solutions to real-world problems. Application areas include facilitating surgical performance and informing the development of human-like robot systems, through to developing state-of-art approaches for assessing cognitive and sensorimotor capacity for the world-leading Born In Bradford longitudinal research project housed in the Centre for Applied Education Research. Our research sits at the heart of the University of Leeds's newly established Centre for Immersive Technologies, with state-of-art AR/VR/XR laboratories. We also benefit from the advanced computational infrastructure housed at the Leeds Institute of Data Analytics and the new Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research. This website details our team, publications, and provides example projects and toolkits being developed by the group. Take a look around and use the contact page to get in touch.
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