Notes L Campus within the school - in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Courses for students 'Online Academic High School' and another rich variety of courses suitable for high school and high school students To the course catalog Micro-credit is short and to the point! An innovative and practical model for developing teacher skills and competencies that enables reward accumulation To the course catalog Courses for teachers and teaching flowers A rich variety of courses designed for educators, for learning throughout their careers! To the course catalog Learning - not just on the IL campus Hundreds of additional courses for senior citizens, professional development and school students are waiting for you click here How do you learn here? What is digital learning? How to Register? How do you study in the course? Questions we are asked How do you register for the site? Is it true that the courses are offered for free? Where and when are the courses held? Other questions Campus IL is much more than a digital course For the following recommendationTo the previous recommendation The headquarters of the National Digital Israel Initiative is a government enterprise that strives to harness information and communication technologies for economic growth, reducing disparities and making government smart, fast and citizen-friendly. IL Campus The vision Terms of Use Accessibility statement Follow us Facebook Instagram Linkedin Twitter Contact Us contact Technical Support The Council for Higher Education (MLAG) outlines the policy of the higher education system and the Planning and Budgeting Committee (VT) is responsible for planning and budgeting. They work hard to develop research and teaching, promote quality and excellence and make the system accessible to the entire population. 2020 © IL Campus - The National Initiative for Digital Learnin
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