Title Presenter
Start Date 2017-00-00
Notes DAY ONE—TUESDAY, 7 November 2017 The morning began with a brief welcome and introduction from PATH, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the World Health Organization (WHO). The remainder of the morning session focused on country experiences with scaling access to safe oxygen delivery. The afternoon included small-group discussions focused on how to create an enabling local market and components required to accelerate product selection and industry engagement. WELCOME REMARKS PATH opened the meeting with an overview of the meeting attendees and goals. This session was also used to level-set attendees around what is known about oxygen access. PATH reviewed the portfolio of work that led to the convening, the Gates Foundation reviewed their oxygen investment strategy to date, and UNICEF and WHO described related current and future work in this space. The first key takeaway from this session is that oxygen is often overlooked or assumed to be available but there is limited awareness of functional availability. The second takeaway is that oxygen is a systems issue that requires coordination across disease areas and health services. PATH Presenter: Ray Cummings, Director, Market Dynamics Convening goals include: • Sharing lessons learned and expertise across countries. • Facilitating connections and transparency between country leadership and suppliers. • Discussing opportunities for accelerating improved access to safe oxygen delivery. Over 100 participants joined the convening representing: • 9 countries • 8 partner organizations • 5 financiers • 21 private-sector companies PATH’s background in oxygen work included a series of hypotheses that led to the current scope of work: • Hypothesis one: Existing oxygen delivery technologies require innovation to improve their use in LMIC. o Project finding: with some caveats, existing technologies can be deployed today for LMIC oxygen delivery