Nurse Family Partnership Minnesota and Nurse Family Partnership have/had a hierarchical relationship

Affiliate Nurse Family Partnership Minnesota
Parent Nurse Family Partnership
Start Date 2001-00-00
Notes EACH AGENCY IMPLEMENTING NURSE-FAMILY PARTNERSHIP IN MINNESOTA IS SUPPORTED BY A COMBINATION OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE FUNDING. THERE IS A COMPELLING REASON BRINGING THESE CHAMPIONS TOGETHER. Nurse-Family Partnership is a rare community health program that has been documented to achieve lasting and significant effects through multiple, well-designed randomized, controlled trials. More than 37 years of research proves that it works. This evidence shows our clients — low-income, first-time mothers — that if they follow the program and work with their nurse, they can transform their lives and the lives of their children. NURSE-FAMILY PARTNERSHIP IN MINNESOTA Nurse-Family Partnership began serving families in three Minnesota counties in 2001. Today, Nurse-Family Partnership serves clients in 25 Minnesota counties and two Native American reservations in Northern Minnesota and operates as a Minnesota charity. To inquire about bringing Nurse-Family Partnership to more communities in Minnesota, contact the Nurse-Family Partnership Program Development team for Minnesota.
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