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Notes INVESTORS Floodgate [Lead] City Light Capital Dan Levitan Homebrew Jeff Weiner Kapor Capital Omidyar Network Precursor Ventures Selina Tobaccowala WeWork FOUNDER Nancy Lublin ADVISORS Jerry Colonna Lila Ibrahim FOUNDING PARTNERS We’ve heard from nearly 100 companies who value compassion, empathy, and the ability to navigate hard conversations. The beta is full. Would you like to be on our waitlist? SIGN US UP! PROPRIETARY EDGE Crisis Text Line has trained over 20,000 Crisis Counselors who have handled over 100 million messages with an 86% approval rating. Simply, the organization knows how to handle hard conversations. The intelligence gleaned from both the Crisis Text Line training and large sentiment-rich data corpus will be leveraged to create Loris.ai enterprise software. ORIGIN Empathy, active listening, collaborative problem solving--these are some of the expertise Crisis Text Line teaches its Crisis Counselors to use every day to save lives since 2013. Companies and municipalities started reaching out to request access to the training and data, recognizing that their employees, sales teams, customer service reps, etc negotiate hard conversations everyday too and lacked skills and confidence. WHY LORIS.AI A loris is a small, slender, tailless, large-eyed, nocturnal lemur. It is undeniably adorable...but a bite from the loris could kill a human. The loris is our mascot: effective conversation skills might seem soft and cuddly, but bad communication is the stuff that kills careers and companies. INFO@LORIS.AI
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