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Notes Memphis Making government more innovative, nimble and data-driven. Through the City Accelerator, Memphis is working to drive inclusive economic opportunity through procurement. The City of Memphis’ Office of Business Diversity and Compliance motto is #wemeanbusiness. One example of their dedication is the dramatic increase in minority and women-owned businesses (MWBE) contract spending in the 16 months since Mayor Strickland took office. The amount of Memphis’ city contract spending that went to MWBEs was 12.6 percent when he first took office, but as of March 2017, contract spending to MWBEs went up to 20.2 percent—that’s a 60 percent increase. Using an updated study of disparities in city contracting to highlight key needs and opportunities, the City of Memphis will pursue needed policy and process reforms in the procurement system. The City will use data to target improvements to sectors where minority vendors are currently available but are being underutilized in the public procurement system. Memphis’s efforts to make government more innovative and responsive to residents are bolstered by its participation in the Project on Municipal Innovation. This initiative brings together more than 40 chiefs of staff from the nation’s largest cities at regular intervals with the goal of supporting adoption of best practices in more places and sparking innovative ideas. WORK IN MEMPHIS The Project on Municipal Innovation We work with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center to convene and support a network of mayoral chiefs of staff and policy leaders who advance transformative change through innovation in city government to improve the lives of residents. BLOG POST by Ben Hecht, Apr 27, 2015 Process is the New Program: The Road to Enduring Change
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