Type Initial Funding
Start Date 1995-00-00
Notes With the endorsement and approval of Justice Brennan himself, the Brennan Center was born in late 1995. The Carnegie Corporation (a nonprofit foundation) provided an initial grant of $25,000 to help the organization get started. According to Brennan’s daughter Nancy, this grant provided “credibility and cachet” and attracted the attention of George Soros and other leftist benefactors. Rosenkranz has stated that “the Brennan Center might not even be there had it not been for that initial bet.” In the summer 2008 issue of its newsletter, Carnegie Results, the foundation bragged that the Brennan Center “is now a nationally recognized powerhouse for research and activism in the fields of campaign finance and election reform, voting rights and combating special interests in judicial elections. Its efforts, in concert with activist groups throughout the nation, have been felt from city and state legislatures to Congress and in court cases up to the Supreme Court.”

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