Type Funder
Start Date 2011-00-00
Goods SCALING AN EVIDENCE BASED MODEL As an evidenced-based organization, CEO was identified as an early match for the Social Innovation Fund (SIF), a White House initiative that directs public and private resources to scale promising ap- proaches to social problems. In 2011, CEO secured two SIF awards to replicate its operations in upstate THRIVING IN AN OUTCOMES-BASED MARKET | THE ASPEN INSTITUTE | PHILANTHROPY & SOCIAL INNOVATION | 13  New York, Oklahoma and California. The process of replication can be risky when delivering an evidence-based model that is premised on a specific theory of change. Because the RCT confirmed CEO was making a positive net differ- ence, the replication process would need to ensure model fidelity. However, it was also important to be as precise as possible when identifying which program components could vary. In CEO’s case, it became clear that the timing of the intervention and its targeting to higher-risk individuals drove the decline in recidivism. CEO documented and codified the fixed elements of this model and developed a training program for replication. In the new “start-up” offices, CEO also had the advantage of hiring employees who knew from the very beginning that using the performance measurement data system was essen- tial to performing their duties. In addition, the collection and summary roll-up of real-time data into actionable dashboards allowed senior man- agement to track site activities and performance remotely.