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Start Date 2001-00-00
Notes Ted Kolderie: New and unfamiliar ideas are always at risk. It may help if, first, we keep in mind the difference between the general idea of teacher ownership and the particular model of it that we saw at Henderson earlier today. It’s the difference between “a flying machine” and one particular kind of airplane. This will avoid the “Can it -? Will it-? Does it-?” questions that would come up if we were talking about some defined model. It may be good to be clear, too, that the kind of school produced by this one teacher partnership is not necessarily what would be produced by others. We’ll want to talk about the relationship between ownership and the kind of learning program teacher- owners will produce. Third: It will help if we think of the idea of ownership not as an end in itself but as instrumental . . . as a way to cause to happen things that need to happen if public education is to improve.
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