Event GELP Symposium Boston 2016
Co-host Harvard Graduate School of Education
Start Date 2016-09-00
Notes GELP SYMPOSIUM BOSTON 2016 JANUARY 19, 2017BY LIEZL From Sunday 11th to Tuesday 13th September 2016, members of the Global Education Leaders’ Partnership (GELP) gathered for a symposium co-convened with the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) and faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) to discuss the NCEE report: 9 Building Blocks For a World-Class State Education System. Seven existing GELP jurisdictions – Australia, British Columbia, Finland, New Zealand, South Africa and South Korea – gathered at HGSE with the host jurisdiction, Massachusetts. NCEE provided the funding for this meeting. Continuing an ongoing commitment of the GELP community to partner with other international bodies in order to strengthen knowledge sharing and development, also in attendance were representatives of the OECD, the Asia Society, Learning Forward and the Jaume Bofill Foundation. The report of this symposium has been prepared to share information and insights generated through the presentations and discussions. Download the report on proceedings