Ted Kolderie and Bill Clinton have/had a generic relationship

Influenced on charters Ted Kolderie
Influenced by Bill Clinton
Start Date 1992-00-00
Notes Ted’s paper on withdrawing the exclusive franchise from school districts drew national attention and was instrumental in helping then Governor Bill Clinton who was head of the Democratic Leadership Council to support chartering. Clinton stated in a 1992 campaign interview that; “The Ted Kolderie paper was critical in the charter school thing”… He went on to say that charter schools and other proposed reforms were ‘…things that changed the whole course of Democratic policies.’ Ted’s work not only impacted Democratic policies, it impacted Republican policies as well. Within days of the enactment of Minnesota’s charter school law, Senator David Durenberger, one of our state’s Republican U.S. Senators at the time, introduced federal legislation to provide start-up funds for chartered schools in states that would enact charter school laws.

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