Joe Nathan and Minnesota Charter School Law (First in US, 1991) have/had a generic relationship

Created Joe Nathan
Project Minnesota Charter School Law (First in US, 1991)
Start Date 1991-00-00
Notes In 1991, Governor Arne Carlson and the Minnesota State Legislature passed the nation’s first charter school law.1 More than two decades later, 6,700 charter schools were operating in forty-two states including and the District of Columbia,2 which have passed charter school laws of their own (2015).3 In 2013, students attending charter schools represented 4.2 percent of the entire student population nationwide.4 This historic development began with a grassroots effort, led by activists, scholars, parents, administrators and teachers in Minnesota. The charter movement was strengthened by the leadership of several policy entrepreneurs, most notably Ted Kolderie, (Center for Policy Studies) and Joe Nathan, (Center for School Change). In the State Legislature, the charter school cause was championed by former State Senator, Ember Reichgott-Junge (D-MN). Although leaders can be found at the forefront of most social or political movements, policy entrepreneurs are generally “distinguished by their