John A Rollwagen has/had a position (Former CEO) at Cray Research Inc

Title Former CEO
Start Date 1975-00-00
Notes John Rollwagen, 47, is chairman and chief executive officer of Cray Research, Inc., with headquarters in Minneapolis. He is responsible for the corporation's ongoing development as the world's leading supplier of supercomputers. Rollwagen has been a key figure at Cray Research since 1975, when he joined the company as vice president of finance. His initial assignment sent him searching for the necessary financing to allow the company to move into commercial production. These early efforts culminated in a successful public stock offering and the negotiation of a substantial bank credit line. In 1976, Rollwagen became vice president of marketing and in 1977 president of the company and a member of the board of directors. Several years later he was elected CEO and chairman of the board after Seymour Cray, the company's founder, stepped down.
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