Partner Leadership for a Networked World
Event Human Services Summit at Harvard
Start Date 2010-00-00
Notes Leadership for a Networked World (LNW) helps leaders improve outcomes and value through organizational adaptation and transformation. LNW’s applied research, learning programs, and advisory services are focused on the global “capacity challenge” – an environment in which every pressing challenge we have – generating better government outcomes, creating efficient markets, ensuring economic development and security, sustaining the environment, redesigning healthcare, improving education, etc. – requires melding together organizational and technological innovations in ways that transform our societal capacity to respond and act. Founded in 1987 at Harvard Kennedy School, Leadership for a Networked World is now an applied research and advisory program led by Antonio Oftelie, Public Sector Innovation Fellow within the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Since 1987, LNW has delivered more than 200 learning events and gathered more than 12,000 alumni globally.