Partner Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital
Expansion Tennessee Pay for Success Home Visit Feasibility Study
Start Date 2017-00-00
Notes A FEASIBLE EXPANSION PLAN When identifying the counties for a NFP expansion, we considered both need and strategic location. The NFP already serves families in Shelby County via Memphis-based Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. In addition, the Tennessee Department of Human Services is funding a pilot in Northeast Tennessee that, as of January 2017, serves families in eight counties—Carter, Greene, Hancock, Hawkins, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi, and Washington. We assessed need according to the number of first-time mothers receiving TennCare, and decided to focus on the following six counties:11 1.! Shelby 2.! Davidson 3.! Knox 4.! Hamilton 5.! Rutherford 6.! Sumner The map below shows the proposed NFP expansion locations and the current pilot sites.
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