Catherine Clark (Cathy Clark) has/had a position (Co-Principal Investigator) at Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD)

Title Co-Principal Investigator
Start Date 2014-00-00
Notes Co-Principal Investigator, Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD) Dates EmployedJan 2014 – Present Employment Duration5 yrs 5 mos LocationDurham,NC Serve as the faculty co-lead of SEAD, a member of USAID Higher Education Solutions Network. SEAD was created as a learning accelerator to support scaling the impact of global health social enterprises addressing needs of low to middle income populations in East Africa, India and Latin America. A joint initiative between CASE at Duke, Innovations in Healthcare, and the Duke Global Health Institute, SEAD has operated in partnership with other Duke schools and departments and outside groups including Strathmore Business School, Investors' Circle, and Calvert Impact Capital. Highlights from SEAD include: > $56 million funding raised by the 25 SEAD social ventures during their participation in the SEAD program. > 29 million beneficiaries in 50 countries reached by the 25 SEAD social ventures during the last year of the accelerator program. >2,000 connections facilitated between SEAD ventures and potential investors, partners, or other key stakeholders 516 Duke Student Innovation Competitors participating in global health/international development innovation challenges; 202 Duke Student “Consultants” participating in fellowships, practica, and internships with international social ventures; and 26 Duke Student Interns participating in the USAID HESN Summer Internship Program. 30 capital-raising training module hours produced in CASE Smart Impact Capital, (, with 15,000+ unique visitors to the capital-raising training modules from over 130 countries. >10 toolkits, reports and case studies produced by over 40 staff and partners on scaling, global health innovation, ecosystem needs in emerging markets, and impact monitoring and assessment for global health ventures. More information and linked resources available in "Highlights from the Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke," May 2018. See less