Fred C Trump III and William Trump are/were in a family

Father Fred C Trump III
Son William Trump
Notes Soon after Trump’s father, Fred Snr, died at the age of 93, Fred’s grandson Fred III – Donald’s nephew – had a baby son, William. The baby suffered seizures and the medical bills that followed ran to nearly a third of a million dollars. Trump’s younger brother, Robert, assured Fred that all the medical bills would be covered. When Fred Snr’s will was filed, however, so little was left to Fred III’s side of the family, they felt as though they had been disinherited. The will was contested, with a claim that it had been ‘procured by fraud and undue influence’ by Trump and the other surviving siblings. Donald’s reaction was swift and vengeful. A week after the lawsuit was filed, Fred III received a letter stating that all medical benefits would cease on May 1. For little William, that was a potential death sentence. When pressed about whether it could appear cold-hearted to withdraw the medical insurance of a sickly child, Trump did not waver. ‘I can’t help that. It’s cold when someone sues my father,’ he replied.