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Start Date 1983-00-00
Notes Our Story AmeriHealth Caritas is a national leader in health care solutions for low-income and chronically-ill people. From our humble beginnings in 1983 in a West Philadelphia hospital, we’ve grown into one of the largest and most respected Medicaid managed care organizations in the country. Today, we serve over 5.3 million members in 15 states and the District of Columbia with: Quality, award-winning managed care health plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, long-term services and supports (LTSS), behavioral health, and pharmacy benefit management services. Value-added services like health outreach and job training that push the boundaries of what Medicaid managed care should offer. Innovative, cost-effective solutions that provide top-notch care while improving the efficiency and predictability of Medicaid spending for our state and federal partners. A Next Generation Model of Care that treats the whole person, and puts healthy outcomes at the center of our services. As our Chairman and CEO Paul Tufano says, we’re in the dignity business — helping our members find their way to health, independence, and prosperity. Mission and vision From the beginning, we've been guided by one philosophy: Help people get care, stay well, and to build healthy communities. Our mission, vision, and grassroots outreach drive our successful care model. Our advantage We've grown a lot over the past 35 years, but we’re not done yet. We’re always ready to expand and bring our services to populations in need all across the country. If you’re looking for a managed care organization, find out how AmeriHealth Caritas goes above and beyond the competition. Corporate governance Learn about the people and processes that help us act with transparency and integrity, including our corporate compliance guidelines and executive leadership. Diversity and inclusion We believe a diverse company is a strong company. Through our culture of inclusion, we are able to effectively serve our members, support diverse suppliers, and engage our employees.
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