Type Donor
Amount 700,000 USD
Goods Funding: The South Carolina Pay for Success initiative mobilizes $30 million to expand Nurse-Family Partnership’s evidence- based services. Philanthropic funders have committed $17 million to the project. Medicaid will fund approximately $13 million via a 1915(b) Medicaid Waiver, awarded to the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The philanthropic funders include: • Consortium of private funders ($4 million) Success payments: South Carolina will make up to $7.5 million in success payments to sustain Nurse-Family Partnership’s services only if the independent evaluators, J-PAL North America, find positive results. Goals of the South Carolina Nurse-Family Partnership Pay for Success Project: • Long-term and Lasting Results for Families Statewide: Support first-time mothers to have healthy pregnancies and become great parents, setting up children for successful early childhood development, in rural and urban areas across South Carolina. • Sustainability: Build a pathway for sustaining these effective services. The philanthropic funders have agreed to reinvest 100 percent of South Carolina’s success payments, if earned, in Nurse-Family Partnership in South Carolina to provide the program to more mothers in need beyond the life of the Pay for Success project. Furthermore, braiding Medicaid funding with the Pay for Success project provides a pathway for South Carolina to sustain home visiting services if the project generates positive results. • Innovation and Learning: Use a rigorous evaluation to understand the efficacy of the Nurse-Family Partnership model after implementing strategies to improve the delivery and lower the cost of the program. This learning will provide important insight on how best to provide this evidence-based program at scale while minimizing taxpayer cost and maximizing impact. • Government Accountability and Results: Bring an added level of accountability for results for the families served. With $17 million in private philanthropic funding to finance Nurse-Family Partnership’s expansion upfront, South Carolina taxpayers transfer a portion of the performance risk away from the government. The State pays for a greater portion of program costs only if independent evaluators find that Nurse-Family Partnership’s services produce positive societal outcomes and value for South Carolina. Geographic Area Served: This project will serve mothers and children in 29 of South Carolina’s 46 counties—positively impacting families statewide. • BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation ($3.5 million) • The Duke Endowment ($8 million) • The Boeing Company ($800,000) • Greenville County, SC First Steps ($700,000) • Laura and John Arnold Foundation ($491,000)