Bernard M. Baruch, Jr. has/had a position (Position) at Office of Naval Intelligence

Start Date 1945-00-00
Notes 1937 Commissioned as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve. Assigned to Commandant, Third Naval District, Special Service (Intelligence duties) 1941 Ordered to active duty. Served with Eastern Sea Frontier for 50 months. 1942 Established a submarine reporting network, CIRES (Communication Instruction for Reporting Enemy Sightings) 1945 Transferred to Chief of Naval Operations Office, Navy Department, OP-16 for 2 months. 1947 Initiated JANAP 146 for reporting vital intelligence from merchant ships, and air craft (Joint Army/Navy/Air Force publication). 1948 Developed CIRVIS, (Communication Instructions for Reporting Military Intelligence Sightings). 1952 Promoted to Captain 1955 Produced MERINT Program, (Merchant Ship Intelligence Program). 1962 Retired from USNR 1992.