Kip Harkness had a position (Project Manager, Director) at San Jose Redevelopment Agency

Title Project Manager, Director
Start Date 2006-00-00
End Date 2010-00-00
Is Current no
Notes an Jose Redevelopment Agency Total Duration5 yrs 5 mos TitleDirector Dates EmployedApr 2010 – Aug 2011 Employment Duration1 yr 5 mos Created and let national award winning Strong Neighborhoods Initiaitve and developed strategic plan whcih engaged hundreds of staff and thousands of residents in 85+ neighborhoods in comprehensive neighborhood improvement. ... See more This media is a link Making Sense of the Games Politicians Play Making Sense of the Games Politicians Play TitleSenior Project Manager Dates EmployedApr 2006 – May 2010 Employment Duration4 yrs 2 mos Faciliated Mayor's 30 member taskforce on potential high speed rail station, major league ballpark, and private development that brought together concerned resident activists, business leaders, and transit organizations to craft a unanimous agreement on a framework to guide implementation of over $1B in future investment.