A Road To Results Report 2006 and The Annie E Casey Foundation have/had a generic relationship

Report A Road To Results Report 2006
Author The Annie E Casey Foundation
Start Date 2006-00-00
Notes Since the Annie E. Casey Foundation began its “results-based accountability” (RBA) initiative four years ago, many individuals have assisted me in clarifying my thoughts on this topic. Moreover, different venues at the Foundation and in other settings have allowed me the opportunity to develop and test the ideas and approach presented in this report. In short, too many colleagues to name from inside and outside the Foundation have endured more than their fair share of presentations and updates on my odyssey through RBA. I thank them all. In particular, I thank Mark Friedman, a Foundation consultant, who first introduced me to this approach and Patrick McCarthy, Casey’s Vice President for System and Service Reform, who encouraged me at every turn and approved my slew of requests for pro- fessional development programs paid for by the Foundation. I also want to thank Bryan C. Hassel and Amy Way of Public Impact for their assistance in preparing this manuscript. Finally, a special thanks to the Foundation’s education grantees who bore the brunt of my attempts to develop and pilot this framework. Their cooperation and comments have greatly improved the approach. Bruno V. Manno Senior Associate for Education The Annie E. Casey Foundation January 2006

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