BJ Fogg has/had a position (US Director Innovation and Research) at Casio

Title US Director Innovation and Research
Start Date 1999-00-00
End Date 2002-00-00
Notes Company NameCasio Dates EmployedMar 1999 – Apr 2002 Employment Duration3 yrs 2 mos Casio hired me to lead research and innovation in the U.S., reporting back to their headquarters in Tokyo. During the three years there, I hired over 25 people and built teams that did user research, product design, and internet business strategy. For example, we worked on projects to rejuventate Caio's digital camera business and we launch a web-based content-delivery service, which we handed off to our colleagues in Japan. In addition to the above, I was in charge of helping Silicon Valley companies meet Casio Japan, and vice versa. Casio Headquarters showed their confidence in my work by giving me some unusual projects, like the following: 1. Tutoring and mentoring the founder's son while he lived in Silicon Valley for a year. 2. Meeting with Michael Jackson and his entourage at Neverland Ranch to talk about potentials collaborations (this was at Michael's request). 3. Founding a venture capital fund for seed-level investing, giving Casio a stake in new ventures.
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