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Goods Craig Robins (Founder & CEO of Darca Development) donated land in the Design District for the construction of the Museum's permanent home. Norman Braman (Florida billionaire) would fully fund the construction of the new museum upon Robin's land. Before the Museum was completed the ICA Miami inhabited the Moore Building (also in the Design District) which is also owned by Robins.
Notes "“At first there was a little tension,” Robins said of the ICA–MOCA affair. “But one of the great things is that Norman Braman and I agreed we could go forward only if we could resolve any issues between the two.” After what qualified as legal resolution between the opposing institutions, Robins and Braman sat down for lunch, and by the end of it, Robins had persuaded Braman—who built a fortune through Miami–Dade car dealerships and is said by Forbes to be worth $2.5 billion—to fully fund the construction of a permanent home for ICA Miami. After calling on the board to assist in the effort, the embryonic museum had covered a $4 million annual budget for its first decade. “When Norman and I have lunch together it can be dangerous, in a really good way,” Robins said. “What was most remarkable was that all the fund-raising took one lunch and one five-minute phone call. The board agreed to ten years of operating budget. I don’t know if there’s ever been an easier process to get a museum started.”" --Nate Freeman for Art News 12/04/17
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