Lizzette Gonzalez Reynolds has/had a position (Secretary's Regional Representative, Region VI) at US Department of Education

Title Secretary's Regional Representative, Region VI
Start Date 2005-00-00
End Date 2006-00-00
Notes Secretary's Regional Representative, Region VI Company NameU.S. Department of Education Dates Employed2005 – 2006 Employment Duration1 yr Served as United States Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings’ liaison to Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, engaging education system stakeholders, business leaders, philanthropists and charitable organizations, and other nonprofits to gather support and advocacy for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) policy. ► Performed as face of federal government and voice of the region, listening, learning, resolving crises, promoting educational accountability, providing NCLB technical support and resources, and helping to shape federal perception. ► Executed leadership and connected stakeholders for Katrina-related educational needs in Louisiana and Texas.