Seeks to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity
People Have Given To
People with positions in National Audubon Society have made donations to
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $140,210 Allen J Model, Carl Safina, Peter J Solomon, David B Ford, Terry L Root
Democratic National Committee $74,000 Peter J Solomon, David B Ford, Terry L Root, Ken Berlin, Allen J Model
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $60,000 Peter J Solomon
Republican Majority for Choice PAC $50,250 Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff
Strong Leadership For America $50,000 Peter J Solomon
Andrew Cuomo $36,100 Peter J Solomon, Carol Browner
League of Conservation Voters Action Fund $34,150 Allen J Model, Ken Berlin, Carol Browner, Carl Safina
Hillary Clinton $32,900 David B Ford, Allen J Model, Peter J Solomon, Ken Berlin, Carol Browner
Chuck Schumer $32,900 Allen J Model, David B Ford, Peter J Solomon
New York Republican Federal Campaign Committee $32,000 Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff
Kathleen A McGinty $27,150 Carol Browner, Allen J Model, Terry L Root, Peter J Solomon, Ken Berlin
Hillary Victory Fund $25,000 Allen J Model, Carol Browner
Schumer Committee For The Majority $25,000 Peter J Solomon
Barack Obama $24,300 Terry L Root, Carol Browner, Mary McDermott Cook, Ken Berlin, Peter J Solomon, Allen J Model
Republican National Committee $22,700 David B Ford, Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff
John S. McCain III $22,600 David B Ford, Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff, Peter J Solomon
Eric T Schneiderman $22,000 Peter J Solomon
Chris Van Hollen $21,300 Ken Berlin, Carol Browner
Democratic White House Victory Fund $20,000 Ken Berlin
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $20,000 Ken Berlin, Allen J Model