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People Have Given To
People with positions in National Public Radio, Inc. (NPR) have made donations to
Americans for Responsible Solutions $500,000 Connie Ballmer
Yes on 1240: Washington Coalition for Public Charter Schools $500,000 Connie Ballmer
Stand for Children Washington PAC $500,000 Connie Ballmer
National Republican Congressional Committee $257,500 Vin Weber, Paul G. Haaga, Jr.
Brookings Institution $200,000 Antoine W van Agtmael
Washington Charters Action PAC $125,000 Connie Ballmer
Democratic National Committee $116,450 Connie Ballmer, Jarl Mohn, John A Herrmann Jr, Howard H Stevenson, Paul G. Haaga, Jr.
Republican National Committee $97,400 Paul G. Haaga, Jr., Vin Weber
Senate Majority PAC $75,000 John A Herrmann Jr, Connie Ballmer
Barack Obama $73,900 Jarl Mohn, Douglas J Bennet, Lyle Logan, John A Herrmann Jr, Paul G. Haaga, Jr., Antoine W van Agtmael, Connie Ballmer
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $60,000 Jarl Mohn, John A Herrmann Jr
Investment Company Institute Political Action Committee (Ici PAC) $58,000 Paul G. Haaga, Jr.
National Republican Senatorial Committee $56,600 Eduardo A Hauser, Paul G. Haaga, Jr., Vin Weber
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $50,800 Connie Ballmer
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $35,100 John A Herrmann Jr, Jarl Mohn, Connie Ballmer
Microsoft Corporation Political Action Committee $35,000 Connie Ballmer
Hillary Victory Fund $35,000 John A Herrmann Jr, Connie Ballmer
Committee for Change $28,500 Jarl Mohn
LA PAC $25,000 Jarl Mohn
Edward Randall Royce $22,650 Paul G. Haaga, Jr.