San Diego's Leading Pro-Business Organization
People Have Given To
People with positions in Lincoln Club of San Diego County have made donations to
San Diego County Republican Party - Fed $341,301 Ryan Darby, Jim Pieri, Arkan Somo, Steve Quinn, Tom Sudberry, Joseph Leventhal, Laura Nelson, Mike Turk, Scott Bedingfield, Tom Anderson, John Hawkins, Bill Lynch, Bob Watkins, Steve Williams, Leo Hamel, Paul Hegyi, April Boling, Martin Garrick, Allan Royster, Rick Wildman, Rita Brandin, David Malcolm, Daryl Priest, Paul Robinson
Brian P Bilbray $87,950 Laura Nelson, Arkan Somo, Rick Wildman, Martin Garrick, Shirley Horton, Bob Watkins, Bill Lynch, Mike Morton, Christopher Neils, Steve Quinn, Paul Robinson, Dan Hom, David Malcolm, Allan Royster, John Hawkins, Tom Sudberry, Mike Turk, Steve Williams, Leo Hamel
Lincoln Club of San Diego County $67,772 Laura Nelson, Allan Royster, Steve Friar, John Hawkins, Bob Watkins, Bill Lynch, Steve Williams, Paul Hegyi, Arkan Somo, Rick Wildman, Martin Garrick, Paul Robinson, Mike Turk, Susie Baumann, Shirley Horton
Darrell Issa $44,651 Steve Williams, Susie Baumann, David Malcolm, Allan Royster, Arkan Somo, Tom Sudberry, Martin Garrick, Bill Lynch, Laura Nelson
California Republican Party/V8 $37,284 Tom Sudberry, Arkan Somo, Martin Garrick, Laura Nelson, Paul Hegyi
Mitt Romney $33,150 Rita Brandin, Rick Wildman, Christopher Neils, Tom Sudberry, Bob Watkins, Jim Pieri, Perry Dealy, John Hawkins, Scott Bedingfield, Steve Williams
National Republican Senatorial Committee $31,000 Tom Sudberry
Romney Victory $30,750 Perry Dealy, Rick Wildman, Steve Williams, John Hawkins, Bob Watkins, Jim Pieri, Tom Sudberry
Darrell Issa Victory Fund $30,250 Bill Lynch, David Malcolm, Tom Sudberry
National Republican Congressional Committee $27,250 David Malcolm, Jim Pieri, Laura Nelson, Tom Sudberry
San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee $25,000 Tom Sudberry
Robert J Watkins $19,334 Dan Hom, Paul Robinson, Bob Watkins, Perry Dealy, David Malcolm, Jim Pieri, John Hawkins, Tom Sudberry, Mike Turk, Steve Williams, Bill Lynch, Arkan Somo, Christopher Neils
Republican National Committee $19,130 John Hawkins, Tom Sudberry, Steve Williams, Rick Wildman
Scott Walker $18,800 Tom Sudberry, Bill Lynch, Steve Quinn, Mike Turk, Martin Garrick
George W Bush $17,400 Bob Watkins, Laura Nelson, Steve Williams, Bill Lynch, John Hawkins, Mike Morton, Tom Sudberry, Mike Turk, Scott Bedingfield, Martin Garrick, Dan Hom
Carly Fiorina $17,005 Steve Williams, John Hawkins, Dustin Jones, Laura Nelson, Beth Binger, Paul Robinson, Tom Sudberry, Bill Lynch, Rita Brandin, Mike Morton
Restore Our Future PAC $15,000 Tom Sudberry
McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP Political Action Committee $12,618 Bob Brewer
McCain Victory California $12,000 Steve Quinn, Tom Sudberry
Fiorina Victory Cmte $11,875 Laura Nelson, Tom Sudberry