4th largest investment bank in the USA (before 2008 bankruptcy)
Lehman Brothers was founded in 1850 by two cotton brokers in Montgomery, Ala. The firm moved to New York City after the Civil War and grew into one... more »
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Lehman Brothers also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Barclays Investment Bank Kim N Wallace, Barbara Ann Moakler, Theodore Roosevelt IV, Peter J. Taylor, Mark D Gilbert, Allen B Cutler, Stephen M Lessing, Joseph Lewis Jr, Jai Chabria, Matthew Devlin, Theodore Roosevelt V, Harvey M Krueger, Howard Longstreth Clark Jr
U.S. Department of the Treasury Bill Walton, Emil W Henry, Susan B Levine, Roger C Altman, Kim N Wallace, Samuel Hanson, Ralph L Schlosstein
Citigroup Inc. Diana Taylor, Peter Miller Dawkins, Frank D Yeary, Charles Millard, Joseph Lewis Jr, Robert Matza
Goldman Sachs Nomi Prins, Mark D Gilbert, George Herbert Walker IV, Anthony Scaramucci, James A Johnson, Ron Di Russo
Brookings Institution Alan R Batkin, Edmund A Hajim, James A Johnson, Stephen M Wolf, David F Swensen, F Warren Hellman
Blackstone Group Stephen Schwarzman, Carol Kim, Roger C Altman, Peter G Peterson, J Tomilson Hill
Obama for America Mark D Gilbert, Steven Gluckstern, Peter J Solomon, John B Rhea, James A Johnson
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Suresh Sundaresan, Michael Koh, Peter G Peterson, Richard S Fuld, Samuel Hanson
Council on Foreign Relations Jami Miscik, Peter G Peterson, Richard C Holbrooke, J Tomilson Hill, Vincent A Mai
American Museum of Natural History Richard C Holbrooke, Ralph L Schlosstein, Theodore Roosevelt IV, Peter J Solomon, Roger C Altman
Millennium Management Michael Gelband, Dey Joneja, Yannis Vasatis, Kunho Cho, Hyung Lee
Department of State Robert E Kiernan III, Richard C Holbrooke, Theodore Roosevelt IV, George W Ball
Columbia Business School Peter J Solomon, Dey Joneja, Howard Longstreth Clark Jr, Diana Taylor
John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts James A Johnson, Stephen Schwarzman, Jack Oliver, Anthony Scaramucci
Salomon Brothers, Inc. David F Swensen, Frank D Yeary, Louis Colosimo, Robert E Kiernan III
Bank of America Corporation Scott Delman, Robert W Scully, Todd Lemkin
Morgan Stanley Robert W Scully, Louis Colosimo, Suresh Sundaresan
BlackRock, Inc. Ralph L Schlosstein, Richard Rieder, Sue Wagner
The Hamilton Project Roger C Altman, James A Johnson, Ralph L Schlosstein
Harvard Kennedy School James A Johnson, Ralph L Schlosstein, Steven J Berger