4th largest investment bank in the USA (before 2008 bankruptcy)
Lehman Brothers was founded in 1850 by two cotton brokers in Montgomery, Ala. The firm moved to New York City after the Civil War and grew into one... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in Lehman Brothers have made donations to
Yale University $150,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
New York Public Library $100,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Schwarzman Scholars $100,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Stanford University $30,000,000 Ward W Woods Jr
Inner-City Scholarship Fund $5,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Senate Leadership Fund $3,095,000 J Tomilson Hill, Stephen Schwarzman
Families for Excellent Schools - Advocacy Committee $2,000,000 Jonathon S Jacobson
Congressional Leadership Fund $1,702,700 Frank D Yeary, Stephen Schwarzman
Democratic National Committee $1,413,249 Michael George, Theodore Roosevelt V, F Warren Hellman, Alan R Batkin, Scott Delman, Thomas A Russo, J Tomilson Hill, Felix G Rohatyn, Jason M Fish, Bradley H Jack, Richard S Fuld, Ronald H Filler, Wesley R Edens, Mark D Gilbert, Vincent A Mai, Roger C Altman, Steven Gluckstern, Anthony Scaramucci, Richard C Holbrooke, James A Johnson, Ralph L Schlosstein, Christopher J Williams, Peter G Peterson, Carole Brown, Peter J Solomon, Harvey M Krueger, Susan B Levine, Howard Longstreth Clark Jr
Republican National Committee $1,138,718 J Tomilson Hill, Dr James R Schlesinger, Anthony Scaramucci, Bill Walton, Bruce P Jackson, Lief Rosenblatt, Bruce Robert Berkowitz, Ward W Woods Jr, Stephen M Lessing, Stephen Schwarzman, Frank D Yeary, Peter Miller Dawkins, Edmund A Hajim, Tully M Friedman, Peter G Peterson, Jonathon S Jacobson, Emil W Henry
Right to Rise USA $1,004,845 George Herbert Walker IV, Herbert H McDade III, Bruce Robert Berkowitz, David Sherr, Theodore Roosevelt IV, Stephen Schwarzman, Stephen M Lessing
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $916,966 Thomas A Russo, Robert W Scully, Kim N Wallace, Bradley H Jack, James A Johnson, Christopher J Williams, Harvey M Krueger, Richard S Fuld, Peter J Solomon, F Warren Hellman, Felix G Rohatyn, Wesley R Edens, Ronald H Filler, Ralph L Schlosstein, Herbert H McDade III, Stephen Schwarzman, Roger C Altman, Lief Rosenblatt, Vincent A Mai, Mark D Gilbert, Owen D Thomas, Theodore Roosevelt IV, Bruce Richards
Jeb Bush $799,030 J Tomilson Hill, Jeb Bush, Anthony Scaramucci, Michael Gelband, Stephen Schwarzman, George Herbert Walker IV
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $699,933 Roger C Altman, Vincent A Mai, Felix G Rohatyn, Kim N Wallace, Alan R Batkin, Mark D Gilbert, Harvey M Krueger, Peter J. Taylor, Jason M Fish, James A Johnson, Thomas A Russo, Carole Brown, Ralph L Schlosstein, Christopher J Williams, Wesley R Edens, F Warren Hellman
National Republican Senatorial Committee $662,640 Bill Walton, Peter Miller Dawkins, Anthony Scaramucci, J Tomilson Hill, George Herbert Walker IV, Jonathon S Jacobson, Thomas A Russo, Bruce Richards, Dr James R Schlesinger, Stephen Schwarzman, Peter G Peterson, Edmund A Hajim, Stephen M Lessing, Richard S Fuld, Robert W Scully, Tully M Friedman, Ward W Woods Jr
Barack Obama $631,122 John Kilduff, Christopher J Williams, Roger C Altman, Ronald H Filler, J Tomilson Hill, Steven Gluckstern, John B Rhea, Richard C Holbrooke, Robert W Scully, Kim N Wallace, James A Johnson, Felix G Rohatyn, Peter J Solomon, F Warren Hellman, Mark D Gilbert, Robert F Shapiro, Jolyne Caruso-FitzGerald, Richard S Fuld, Carole Brown, Bill Walton, Ralph L Schlosstein, Wesley R Edens, Jami Miscik, Bruce Robert Berkowitz, Vincent A Mai, Jason M Fish, Anthony Scaramucci, Frank D Yeary, Theodore Roosevelt IV, Peter J. Taylor
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $515,500 Peter J Solomon, F Warren Hellman, Ralph L Schlosstein, Felix G Rohatyn, James A Johnson, Scott Delman
New Visions for Public Schools $305,000 Peter G Peterson, Ralph L Schlosstein, Roger C Altman, Vincent A Mai
Trump Victory $270,000 Bruce Robert Berkowitz, Anthony Scaramucci
Security Is Strength $250,000 Jonathon S Jacobson