People Have Given To
People with positions in The Asia Society have made donations to
MIT College of Computing (Stephen A. Schwarzman) $350,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Yale University $200,000,000 Maurice R Greenberg, Stephen Schwarzman
New York Public Library $100,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Schwarzman Scholars $100,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Abington High School, Abington, PA $25,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Harvard Kennedy School $10,000,000 David Rubenstein
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts $10,000,000 David Rubenstein
Senate Leadership Fund $8,320,000 Stephen Schwarzman, Hushang Ansary
Brookings Institution $6,500,000 James Wolfensohn, John L Thornton, David Rubenstein
Sanford School of Public Policy $5,800,000 David Rubenstein
Johns Hopkins Medicine, Health Systems and Hospital $5,000,000 David Rubenstein
Inner-City Scholarship Fund $5,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Congressional Leadership Fund $4,500,000 Leon D Black, Stephen Schwarzman, Hushang Ansary
Right to Rise USA $2,226,396 Stephen Schwarzman, Hushang Ansary, Leon D Black, William R Rhodes
Prostate Cancer Foundation $2,000,000 Leon D Black
Republican National Committee $1,271,250 Hushang Ansary, Thomas K Montag, Henrietta Holsman Fore, David A Coulter, John C Whitehead, Leon D Black, Chong-Moon Lee, Henry Cornell, Harold McGraw III, Ronnie C Chan, Maurice R Greenberg, Stephen Schwarzman
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $905,200 Hushang Ansary, Stephen Schwarzman
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $889,875 John C Whitehead, Chong-Moon Lee, Stephen Schwarzman, Hushang Ansary, Harold McGraw III
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $870,213 Charles P Rockefeller, Henry Cornell, Vishakha N Desai, David A Coulter, Hamid Biglari, Leon D Black, Thomas E Freston, James Wolfensohn, Maurice R Greenberg, Lewis B Kaden, David Rubenstein, Jay Rockefeller, Stephen Schwarzman
National Republican Senatorial Committee $857,475 Henry Cornell, Thomas K Montag, Hushang Ansary, Leon D Black, Henrietta Holsman Fore, John C Whitehead, Stephen Schwarzman, Ronnie C Chan, Maurice R Greenberg, Harold McGraw III