People Have Given To
People with positions in Eastman Kodak Company have made donations to
Barack Obama $95,450 Laura D Tyson, Sandra Taylor, Diane R Jones, Debra L Lee, William V Campbell, Hector Ruiz, Derek Smith
National Republican Senatorial Committee $84,200 Richard S Braddock, Jeff Clarke
Mitt Romney $74,500 Christopher A. Padilla, Richard S Braddock, Douglas R Lebda, Debra L Lee, Jason Griffin New, William G Parrett, Dennis F Strigl, Adam Clammer
Rob Portman $64,700 Richard S Braddock, Christopher A. Padilla
Democratic National Committee $56,650 Debra L Lee, Laura D Tyson, Sandra Taylor
Republican National Committee $47,200 Richard S Braddock, William G Parrett, Hector Ruiz, Dennis F Strigl, Adam Clammer, Jason Griffin New
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $45,800 Derek Smith, Debra L Lee, William V Campbell
National Cable and Telecommunications Association Political Action Committee (Ncta PAC) $43,500 Debra L Lee
Deloitte Federal Political Action Committee $35,250 William G Parrett
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $33,450 William V Campbell, Laura D Tyson
Viacom International Inc. Political Action Committee $26,080 Debra L Lee
John S. McCain III $23,150 William G Parrett, Richard S Braddock, Dennis F Strigl, Christopher A. Padilla
Hillary Clinton $22,750 Diane E Wilfong, Daniel A Carp, Joyce P Haag, Gerard K Meuchner, William G Parrett, Stephen J Ciccone, Laura D Tyson, Debra L Lee, Diane R Jones
Verizon Wireless/Verizon Communications Inc. Political Action Commitee $20,000 Dennis F Strigl
Chuck Schumer $15,200 Jason Griffin New, Daniel A Carp, Antonio M Perez, Derek Smith, William G Parrett, Richard S Braddock
Intuit 21st Century Leadership Fund $15,000 William V Campbell
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. PAC $15,000 Hector Ruiz
Northwest Airlines Political Action Committee $15,000 Daniel A Carp
Charles Rangel $14,100 William V Campbell, Dennis F Strigl
George W Bush $10,500 Dennis F Strigl, Hector Ruiz, Douglas R Lebda, Christopher A. Padilla, Richard S Braddock, William H Hernandez