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People Have Given To
People with positions in Bridgepoint Education have made donations to
Mitt Romney $101,500 Charlene Dackerman, L Dale Crandall, Ross Woodard, Rocky T Sheng, Patrick T Hackett, Marye Anne Fox, Jane McAuliffe, Andrew S Clark, Diane Louise Thompson, Daniel J Devine, Adarsh Sarma, Kenneth I Juster
Republican National Committee $99,100 Andrew S Clark, Patrick T Hackett, L Dale Crandall, Marye Anne Fox, Kenneth I Juster
Bridgepoint Education Inc. PAC $71,448 Douglas Abts, Ross Woodard, Thomas Ashbrook, Jane McAuliffe, Diane Louise Thompson, Daniel J Devine, Andrew S Clark, Charlene Dackerman
Romney Victory $47,500 Kenneth I Juster
Apollo Group Inc. Political Organization for Legislative Leadership $20,000 Diane Louise Thompson
National Venture Capital Association Venturepac $16,000 Patrick T Hackett
John S. McCain III $15,400 L Dale Crandall, Kenneth I Juster
Ted Cruz $12,800 Kenneth I Juster
George W Bush $10,000 Andrew S Clark, L Dale Crandall, Kenneth I Juster
Right to Rise USA $8,830 Kenneth I Juster
National Republican Senatorial Committee $8,600 Kenneth I Juster, Marye Anne Fox
National Republican Congressional Committee $7,100 Kenneth I Juster
Carly Fiorina $6,050 Kenneth I Juster, L Dale Crandall
Jeb Bush $5,400 Kenneth I Juster
Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities Political Action Committee $5,000 Robert Hartman
Right To Rise PAC $5,000 Kenneth I Juster
Massachusetts Republican State Congressional Committee $4,175 Andrew S Clark
Oklahoma Leadership Council $4,175 Andrew S Clark
Idaho Republican Party $4,175 Andrew S Clark
Vermont Republican Federal Elections Committee $4,175 Andrew S Clark