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People Have Given To
People with positions in Berkman Center have made donations to
Democratic National Committee $141,200 John Palfrey, Laura DeBonis, Wendy Seltzer
Barack Obama $101,115 Laura DeBonis, Clay Shirky, Kurt A Wimmer, John Palfrey, Zephyr Teachout, Andrew McLaughlin, William Fisher, Judith Donath, Susan Crawford, Colin Maclay, Andrew McAfee
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $91,200 Laura DeBonis
Organizing for Action $50,000 Laura DeBonis
Zephyr Teachout $23,500 Joichi Ito, Jonathan Zittrain, Zephyr Teachout
Elizabeth Warren $23,450 John Palfrey, Yochai Benkler, Susan Crawford, William Fisher, Laura DeBonis, Jonathan Zittrain
Forward Together PAC $18,000 Laura DeBonis, John Palfrey, Kurt A Wimmer
Mark R Warner $15,200 Laura DeBonis, Kurt A Wimmer
John Kerry $11,700 Laura DeBonis, Kurt A Wimmer, Andrew McLaughlin, John Palfrey, Judith Donath, Andrew McAfee
Ed Markey $10,150 Kurt A Wimmer, Laura DeBonis
New Hampshire Democratic Party $10,000 Laura DeBonis
Washington State Democratic Central Committee $10,000 Laura DeBonis
Washington Senate Victory $10,000 Laura DeBonis
Massachusetts Democratic State Committee - Fed Fund $10,000 Laura DeBonis
Hillary Clinton $9,850 Andrew McLaughlin, Laura DeBonis, Susan Crawford
Michael Bennet $9,600 Laura DeBonis
Tom Perriello $9,600 Laura DeBonis
Martin Heinrich $9,000 Laura DeBonis
Lawrence Lessig $8,070 Jonathan Zittrain, John Palfrey, Joichi Ito
Nancy Pelosi $7,400 Laura DeBonis