Lists are collections of people and/or organizations that don't belong to a formal group. Many of them were originally compiled by media organizations, frequently in order to rank people by power, wealth, or influence.

Name Entities Description
ARTNews Top 200 Art Collectors 2012 302 Many couples are included, so the list is longer than 200 individuals.
American Bankruptcy Institute meeting attendees - December 9 2014 301 List cached by Google
Artnet's Top 300 - Internet's Most Popular Artists (2015) 300 Based upon internet searches October 2015
Powerful Women - Fortune Magazine 294 A combination of many lists Fortune Magazine has featured of powerful women in business over the years. Includes - for further research - many who have been speakers or on subsidiary lists but may not have been included in the annual "Top 50" ranking
ICE Contractors for FY 2017 & 2018 291 Companies with contracts valued over $2 million with ICE in 2017 and 2018
Philadelphia Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) 290
Representatives Who Voted to Limit Syria Refugees 286
Donors to Meg Whitman's 2010 campaign 284 $25,000 or more, not in rank order, to Whitman's campaign for governor of California in 2010
Donors to Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign (2014) 281 Individual donors of $1,500 or more to Wendy Davis' campaign for Governor of Texas, from reports submitted to the Texas Ethics Commission for her campaign committee and the Texas Victory Committee Inc
CSNY Extended Family, 2012 277
DeSmog's List of Global Warming Deniers 277
Save for last 273 As Q says...
Obama bundlers - 2012 270 A list of people who have bundled more than $50k in contributions to the 2012 Obama campaign, as reported by the campaign. Bundlers ranked "1" bundled more than $500k; 2's bundled $200k-500k; 3's bundled $100k-200k; and 4's bundled $50k-100k.
Committee to Save New York Extended Family 268 People linked to the Committee to Save New York.
Trump's Agency Landing Teams 264
National Women's Hall of Fame Inductee 262 Founded in 1969, the National Women's Hall of Fame inductees updated through 2015.
Biden Bundlers - 12/28/2019 259 Fundraisers who have raised at least $25k for Joe Biden
Koch Network Participants, Aspen 2010 258 On June 27 & 28, 2010, dozens of conservatives met to plot victory in November 2010, organized by the billionaire Koch brothers.
Obama White House visitors 250 People who have visited the Obama White House and met with top White House officials in small groups, or one-on-one.
Film Celebrities born in the 19th Century 250 Drawn from the Internet Movie Database - most popular profiles from birth years 1875-1899. Snapshot of rankings October, 2016.