People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Mitch McConnell $2,946,275 Mitch McConnell, John Hoeven
Ted Cruz $545,000 Ted Cruz
John Hoeven $151,786 John Hoeven, Steven Daines
Steven Daines $75,908 Steven Daines
National Republican Senatorial Committee $35,400 Lindsey Graham, Steven Daines
Grow WV $25,000 Shelley Moore Capito
North Dakota Republican Party $23,935 John Hoeven
Wyoming Republican Party Inc. $23,180 John Barrasso, Mike Enzi
Roy Blunt $18,500 Roy Blunt
Pat Toomey $15,840 Pat Toomey, John Hoeven, Steven Daines
John Boozman $15,000 John Hoeven
Mitt Romney $14,200 John Hoeven, Steven Daines, Tom Cotton
Idaho Republican Party $13,772 Mike Crapo, Jim Risch
Montana Republican State Central Committee $13,300 Steven Daines
David Vitter $11,846 Mitch McConnell, David Vitter
Political Action Committee of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons $11,000 John Barrasso
Ron Johnson $10,000 John Hoeven
Republican Party of Kentucky $10,000 Mitch McConnell
Club for Growth PAC $10,000 Pat Toomey
Marco Rubio $9,753 Marco Rubio, Steven Daines