LNG Interests
Corporate lobbyists have helped to engineer a transformative shift with little scrutiny or meaningful debate: plans to extract U.S. natural gas and export the gas overseas to more lucrative markets. This shift — if fully realized — will continue to transition the U.S. into a resource colony, where our communities, homes, air, and water are exploited and polluted so that large multinational corporations can pursue ever higher profits by selling U.S. fossil fuels abroad.
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Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Chris Murphy $10,800 Hamilton E James
Josh Gottheimer $10,800 Hamilton E James, Sean Klimczak
Heidi Heitkamp $10,409 Heidi Heitkamp, Ankit Desai
Al Franken $10,018 Hamilton E James, David Leiter, Melanie A Kenderdine
Bill Nelson $10,000 Dave McCurdy, David Leiter, L F Payne Jr
American Gas Association Political Action Committee; the (Gaspac) $10,000 Dave McCurdy
RNC-Rnsec-Administrative Account $10,000 Hamilton E James
American Petroleum Institute Political Action Committee (Api PAC) $10,000 Martin J Durbin
Turkish Coaliton USA PAC (TC-USA PAC) $10,000 Stephen Payne
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $10,000 Majida Mourad
Serve America Victory Fund $10,000 Hamilton E James
George W Bush $9,580 Hamilton E James, Spencer Abraham, Brent Scowcroft, David I Foley, Dick Cheney, Stephen Payne, David Merkel
Right to Rise USA $9,415 Spencer Abraham
Tom Carper $8,750 Hamilton E James, Dave McCurdy, David Leiter, L F Payne Jr
Jeb Bush $8,100 Spencer Abraham, Majida Mourad
John E Sununu $8,050 John M Deutch, Hamilton E James, Brent Scowcroft, David I Foley
Restore America PAC, Inc. $8,000 Stephen Payne
Rudy Giuliani $7,900 David I Foley, Dick Cheney, Stephen Payne
Heather Wilson $7,900 Brent Scowcroft
Seth Moulton $7,900 Hamilton E James