Executive Compensation at Public Colleges, 2013 Fiscal Year
"The average public college president made just under $479,000 in 2012-13 - 5 percent more than the previous year - and nine raked in upwards of $1 million, according to an annual analysis by The Chronicle of Higher Education. "The million-dollar college presidency, which was unheard of at public colleges less than a decade ago, is becoming increasingly common at top-tier institutions," Jack Stripling and Sara Hebel write. The average base salary (which doesn't include bonuses, deferred compensation, and retirement and severance pay that tack extra dollars onto paychecks) was $403,496, a 1 percent increase over last year. Former Ohio State University President Gordon Gee, Texas A&M University at College Station President R. Bowen Loftin, and North Dakota University System President Hamid A. Shirvani were the highest-paid public presidents last year. However, Gee made the most by far: more than $6 million." - Politico Morning Education
People on this list have received money from the following people and organizations.

Common Donors

Donor Total People
George D Behrakis $16,200 Marty Meehan, David L Boren
Robert W Pereira $16,000 Marty Meehan
George Hatsopoulos $13,500 Marty Meehan, David L Boren
Gerald Schuster $12,050 Marty Meehan
John P Manning $12,000 Marty Meehan, David L Boren
Joanna T Lau $11,464 Marty Meehan
Robert Constantino $10,770 Marty Meehan
John F Fish $10,500 Marty Meehan
Thomas F Shields $10,250 Marty Meehan
Dennis J Kearney $9,708 Marty Meehan
Alan Solomont $9,500 Marty Meehan
Arthur S Demoulas $8,500 Marty Meehan
James Herscot $8,250 Marty Meehan
Jonathan Lavine $8,200 Marty Meehan
Joshua Bekenstein $8,200 Marty Meehan
Anita Bekenstein $8,200 Marty Meehan
John W Rowe $8,000 Marty Meehan
Steve Grossman $8,000 Marty Meehan, David L Boren
Michael F Brewer $7,500 Marty Meehan
Jack Connors Jr $7,500 Marty Meehan